Sources of Creativity - Ways to Inspirations

Sources of Creativity - Ways to Inspirations
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Sources of Creativity draws an idiosyncratic portrait of the leading thinker on floristry, Gregor Lersch. It moves from the day-before-yesterday to the day-after-tomorrow; from formative cultural traditions through to Gregor Lersch's visionary approach. The roots of design are spun together with futuristic creations, and entrepreneurial investment decisions are fused with contemporary presentational ideas; Sources is a book which seeks to uncover those inexhaustible sources of inspiration essential for creativity; Gregor Lersch seems to have succeeded in his mission. Now his book seeks to conveys the system through which everyone will, in principle, be able to develop their own approaches to uncovering and drawing upon their sources inspiration. Do not however expect to find a guide-book with a set of simple instructions; there are too many varied examples; the thoughts are fragmentary; the sources idiosyncratic. Do on the other hand expect a plethora of thoroughly contradictory impulses; they will provoke, possibly even evoke perplexity or an impulse to contradict; and in part surely, they will also give rise to spontaneous expressions of agreement and sheer delight. Everyone who works creatively, and is looking for new sources of inspiration, will find an infinite abundance of impulses in Gregor Lersch's self portrait; every designer will find ways of redefining herself again and again. Those who are 'only' looking for new ideas in floristry are also guaranteed to find what they are looking for. This book identifies five fundamental areas of know-ledge and practice that are essential to any design work. It thus offers help to self-help, using the example of Gregor Lersch's work to open up sources of inspiration for the areas of knowledge; and it thus helps people of the most diverse talents and inclinations to develop an approach to their own particular sources.

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