Sketchbook 2

Sketchbook 2
Sketchbook 2
Sketchbook 2
Sketchbook 2
Sketchbook 2
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Whilst the first sketchbook drew from “Sources of Creativity“ and tried to illustrate the various starting points for floral inspiration, SketchBook No 2 now is concerned with two aspects of learning in particular that are contained as key concerns in the individual sketched workpieces: following on “Floral Craftsmanship“ the emphasis here is especially on artistic and technical aspects, but also on the criteria for design methods. The reader can always follow the intentions and make them relevant for his own work.
At the same time the sketches leave enough room that each person can develop their own creative ideas, by using different materials, for example, putting their own ideas about col-our into practice, changes textures, propor-tions and movement, or creating new forms. If this is facilitated this book was worthwhile.
The sketches of Gregor Lersch’s thought processes are organised according to the various uses of the pieces such as space defining pieces, floating pieces, hanging pieces and horizontal pieces, inspirations for gifts and themes such as bound pieces in the form of bouquets and free standing arrangements. Gregor Lersch introduces a new dimension of pieces that are known as “communicative pieces“ in English. They thematise, inspire communica-tion and open up space for discussion: inspiration for one’s own creative thought processes – as provided by this entire book.

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